AAIS Still Stands

Some say AAIS is still on its cocoon, but I believe that it has started to emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

When I was still in High School, my schoolmates from another school asked me why I transferred to a school that has a lower population and lesser facilities. Initially, I was not able to react, but this is what I am going to tell them now.

AAIS paved the way for students to discover their potential abilities and talents. Even for those students who have physical and intellectual limitations, the school gave them the opportunity to discover, develop, and use their abilities in the best way they can. The school has nurtured its students to expand their horizons and to be high-spirited. In return, the AAISians have helped one another to achieve and sustain academic excellence. They have done this by joining and winning regional and international competitions, which put the name of AAIS on the limelight. In addition, parents and teachers have harmonious relationships and their friendship keep their loyalty to the school.

The imprint of values left by our mentors made the students of AAIS warm, honest, and humble. The students do their very best to construct a better character for their Alma Mater, an AAIS community which never gives up. God’s blessing upon the school is now evident in the way the academe expanded.

Every school has certain limitations, but AAIS still stands…  for it stands in God’s image.

This article was written by our alumnus, Richard Jacob Dy.

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