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Kiss Summer Goodbye and Welcome Back to School

Summer is officially over, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Every school year is full of possibilities and there is not a day where you will not learn something interesting and new.

The Back to School event of AAIS is a great start to motivate students to be involved in extracurricular activities, try new positive experiences, and meet new people. The event also aims to foster camaraderie among their students, faculties, staff and the parents.

It was a bright sunny day in AAIS at Rakah, Dammam when the Back to School event was held. The parents came unmindful of the scorching heat to show their support and recognize the school’s effort to bring the best out of their son/s and/or daughter/s.

Dr. Ed Malagapo, the beloved Principal of AAIS opened the event and welcomed everyone who came. Mrs.Anna Liza Ancheta followed and led the attendees in singing the school’s hymn.

Prior to the event, the election of PTC officers for the academic year was held and it was a huge success. We believe that the PTC would help improve the school operation. As Dr. Ed Malagapo said, “The school not only needs good teachers. It also needs supportive parents.”

The crowd was entertained through a special performance by the school’s cheer dance varsity. This was an opportunity for the new recruits of the varsity to showcase their dancing skills. Their performance earned a thunderous applause from the audience because of the choreography and team spirit shown by the varsity.
After this special number, Mrs. Virginia Dy introduced the new faculty members, staff, and maintenance crew. This was followed by a special number from Ms. Nicole Cabigting where she sang a ballade and amazed the audience when she hit the high note.

The newly elected PTC officers and SBO officers were introduced by Mrs. Cherry Amor Recato and sworn in by Dr. Ed Malagapo who challenged them to serve their best.
The day was almost over yet there was another surprise, a presentation by Mr. Roy Bilbao about parenting roles. According to Mr. Roy, the parents play an important role in their child’s education. Parents do not only support their children financially, but also ensure that they are comfortable in their learning environment.

Mrs. Gloria Bonite and Mrs. Elena Cruz kept the whole event as orderly, lively, and entertaining as the program emcees in tandem.

In closing, Mrs. Jennifer B. Canapi concluded the event by thanking everyone who attended the occasion and the staff who organized the event.

It’s back to school life again – a time of packed lunches and loads of books and notebooks. Students, be prepared. You never know what you are about to encounter yet, but, surely, a lot of new knowledge will soon be discovered. Let’s keep digging!

by Keisha Lambarte

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