Connecting Cultures and Conquering Barriers

Another busy week has ended, and Al-Andalus International School had successfully held its English Week program on September 21, 2011, to commemorate the importance of the English language in the world we live in today. It was held favourably in the school auditorium having the theme of the program, “Connecting Cultures and Conquering Barriers” in the middle, as the center of attraction.

English week became a big opportunity for students to show their talents in essay-writing, poem-making, declaiming, orating, extemporaneously speaking, and spelling. Little kids even got the chance to put on with their costumes and show off their cute outfits in front of the judges. It paved way for new talents to be discovered and new talents to be revealed.

On the very day before the program started, Ms. Ayla Malagapo lead the morning prayer, and was followed by Ms. Evanny Duque to conduct the Philippine National Anthem.  After the opening ceremony, opening remarks were given by our beloved school principal, Dr. Eduardo Malagapo.

For the first part of the program, having Mrs. Mayla Bongar as the emcee, Preschoolers had their Book Parade and Nursery Rhyme Recital Contest. Adorable kids showed their charming little outfits portraying their favorite characters and reciting the character’s famous punch line or singing a nursery rhyme in front of the judges. We had Cinderella, Snow White, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and many more. The SPED class also had a special number under the advisory of Mrs. Sandra Sanchez.  

After the Preparatory level, Mrs. Analyn Kampitan became the emcee of the Lower Elementary level. The Lower Elementary’s winners for the poem recital, executed their skills on stage in front of the audience.

Then Awarding Ceremony was held right after, signaling the end of the first part of the program.Below are the following winners of different categories for the Preparatory and Lower Elementary Levels;


(Nursery Rhyme Recital)

1st Place – Jeremia Bonnibel L. Cordova
3rd Place – John Skyler M. Clavin
2nd Place – John Benedict S. Villaluz

(Best in Costume)

1st Place – Stephen B. Tudor
2nd Place – Jeremia Bonnibel L. Cordova
3rd Place – Zamantha Margaret A. Santos

(Singing Contest)

Alexander Cedric D. Alba and Kritzel Nicola A. Manto


(Nursery Rhyme) 

1st Place – Ethan Frank A. Blanes
2nd Place – Jannah D. Balasbas
3rd Place – Carl Josef T. Reconalla

(Best in Costume)

1st place – Junelle R. Onnagan ( Tinker Bell in pink)
2nd place – Kim Coleen E. Cu (Little Goddess w/ purple gown)
3rd place – Gyrel Owen H. Baldorino (Peter Pan)


1st place – Kim Coleen E. Cu
2nd place – Dyala D. Frianela
3rd place – Izza Ram D. Blancaflor

(Spelling Bee)

1st place – Shaiki Gherwin S. Habijan
2nd place – Dyala D. Franiela
3rd place – Izza Ram D. Blancaflor


(Spelling bee)

Grade 1 

1st place – Cornelio, Alexxa Meagan E.
2nd place – Adagio, Uriah Mika C.
3rd place – Ramos, Grace Martine C.

Grade 2

1st place – Fidel, Nicole J.
2nd place – Cuasay, Rachelle Hope
3rd place – Manuel, Margarita Junelle G.

Grade 3

1st place – Abu Jalban, Chad Joshua F.
2nd place – Suba, Aldrich L.
3rd place – Uganiza, Geraldine V.

(Poem Recital)

Grade 1 

1st place – David Souza
2nd place – Jan Inzi B. Mataac
3rd place – Eugene D. Bartolome

Grade 2

1st place – Christianne Angelica G. Valdez
2nd place – Sebastian Rei P. Manibo
3rd place – Rachelle Hope Cuasay

Grade 3 

1st place – Geraldine Uganiza
2nd place – Rose Ann Ancheta
3rd place – Regina Louise Castillo

The Upper Elementary came right after, with Mrs. Cherry Amor Recato and Mrs. Carmen Marique as the emcees. The Upper Elementary students first had their Speech Choir Contest having the same piece- Casablanca. They gave off their prepared performances enthusiastically. Extemporaneous Speech Contest followed. Chosen pupils nervously answered questions on stage without memorizing any based pieces. Having this contest is a great advantage for the contestants to develop comprehension skills on how they understand the question given to them and how they would relay their answers in an organized thought.

Then right after, the second part of the program ended by having its awarding ceremony for the winners. Below are the winners of Upper elementary Contest in different categories; 


(Spelling Bee)

1st place – Jeremy Bon Cordora L.
2nd place – Allyana Therese Infante
3rd place – Bonchaise Pagtalunan


1st place – Allyana Therese Infante
2nd place – Ian Kristopher B. Cuasay
3rd place – Alyssa B. Jadloc

(Speech Choir)

1st place – Grade 6B
2nd place – Grade 5B
3rd place – Grade 6A

(Extemporaneous Speech)

1st place – Alyanna Infante
2nd place – Eman D. Pangcatan
3rd place – Kiefer Sheen H. Ortega

And then, at last, the most awaited level contestants of the whole event, it was time for high school department to take the stage. After the long wait, finally, Declamation contestants came first with Mrs. Charlotte de Ramos as the emcee. All the contestants truly poured their hearts on the role they’re portraying. You could really see the drama within their actions.

Drama Contest came right after. The Grade 7A & 7B versus Grade 8A & 8B competed with each other. They really did prepare long dialogues and unique plots to impress the judges. It was a job a well done.

Then, just like before, Extemporaneous came next. Other contestants were isolated from the main stage until their queue is next and was time for them to answer the question on stage. It was a thrilling experience for everyone especially for the first timers. It was really worth your time of prayer and organized thought.

After that, the rising sensation of their hot debate between Grade 9B & Grade 10B and Grade 9A & Grade 10A followed. This was the fun part. You get to see how they defend their opinions and how they would outsmart the other group just to win the competition. They were timed and given the chance to speak one by one. It was really a worth experience of high school life.

Then lastly, it was time for the Oratorical Speech Contest wherein students would execute their skills in public speaking.

Awarding Ceremonies took place showing the end of the program. After a very long hectic day, still, uproars and applause sounded the whole auditorium while the winners were being announced- a proof that high school students are very high spirited.

Well once again, congratulations for the winners and the non-winners! It was worth of all your hard work, teamwork, and determination.

Below are the list of High school Department’s winners for different categories; 


Grade 10A & Grade 10 B


1st place – Jennievie Cacayuran
2nd place – Mikkael Monzon
3rd place – Eldrin Jake Linganay


1st place – Glory Mariz Bernus
2nd place – Ayla Rhey Malagapo
3rd place – Sarah Dela Costa


1st place – Grade 8 A & B
2nd place – Grade 7 A & B


1st place – Jello Ortega
2nd place – Jhoanna Guevara
3rd place – Danielle Anne Galacan

(Oratorical Contest)

1st place – Evanny Kris Duque
2nd place – Vincent Caacbay
3rd place – Zeah Angela G. Montera

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