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AAIS Teacher’s Day

What does it really take for students to say that their teachers are great? What do teachers have to do to satisfy their students, who they treat as their own children? How will students thank them for all their hard work, patience, and love?

The teachers in school are the people parents entrust their children with. They are the ones that teach us constantly, influence us greatly, and help us in our times in school. Being a teacher isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of sacrifice, patience and perseverance to become the “best teacher”. Once a person chooses to take on this profession, s/he dedicates and devotes himself/herself to this kind of work. Teaching is not just a profession. It is a commitment.

For everyone, a great teacher is someone that teaches not only with mind, but also with heart. S/he faces everyday with a smile, in spite of the exhaustion. S/he let students see the real world. S/he understands that a child is not only a tiny bundle of joy that can cry, smile, laugh, but also a true miracle of life.

At times, a teacher can be a friend-someone who lends his/her ears and shoulders to cry on during times of trouble. A teacher can be a nurse- someone who takes care of us when we feel ill, and someone who cares to ask if we are okay or not. A teacher can also be our engineer- someone who helps us to build our own dream and bring it into reality. Moreover, a teacher is someone who taps our back and tells us, “You did a great job”. Best of all, a teacher never keeps a record of your wrongs and reminds you that “You can do better next time. I believe in you.” All of these make a teacher great and we have a great debt for our teachers. We owe them the knowledge that we know today. We owe our teachers so much that we felt it was time for us to show our gratitude to them by doing something special for them.

The AAIS student body commemorated our teachers on the annual Teacher’s and Staff Day, which was held on October 19, 2011 and organized by the Student Body Organization (SBO) Officers. The SBO planned a big surprise for the teachers. They assigned students to be mini assistant/s of a teacher to make their assigned teacher feel special. Some prepared breakfast for their assigned teachers and some did a makeover to make them feel and look more beautiful. The SBO also organized a small program for the teachers, which included fashion modeling, games, and many more.

Even though these small things aren’t enough to thank them for the hardships, perseverance, and patience our teachers have given us, we are happy and proud that were able to show them how special they are to us.

We treasure everything they have taught us. They are our second parents and they are our trusted friends. We have proven to them that even though, we, students could be hardheaded at times, we still never forget everything they have done for us and taught us.

We hope our teachers continue their hard work and keep their passion for teaching and inspiring young minds.

by Jhoanna Mae G. Guevarra

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