AAISians’ Got Talent

AAIS is full of students aspiring to be famous and AAIS wants to give its students a chance to break from their insecurities and open doors for their dreams. Recently, the school gave them a chance to come out of the shadows, be proud of their God-given talents, and show everyone what AAISians are made of. The students will have this opportunity through the AAIS Got Talent competition, a talent contest held and organized by the school’s Student Body Organization (SBO).

According to the SBO President, Ms. Jennievie Cacayuran, “The AAIS Got Talent is an event that showcases the talent of the young performers of AAIS, which is now on its second season. Last year was a blast and the number of auditionees this year still proves the undeniable talent, paired with confidence, our co-students possess.”

Of course, in every talent competition, a screening of potential contestants must be done. Students who wanted to be part of the competition had to audition. The AAIS Got Talent auditions were held on October 15, 2011. The auditions were a closed event and audiences were not allowed.

The judges were Sir Troy Malagapo, Mrs. Elena Cruz and Mrs. Luchie Jardinero.

The wait is over. The finalists are, namely, (in no particular order) Christine Licud, Shaimin, We D’ Best, Nicole Cabigting, Eggs and Bacon, User’s Manual, Natalie Cua, Frances Kampitan, Zia Calinawan, and BK & Tetay.

AAISians are very multi-talented and versatile. The auditions proved that. There is no doubt that AAIS got brains and AAIS got talent.

by Keisha Lambarte

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