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A Lifetime Guarantee

Knowing when to let go and how to do it is one of the toughest decisions that parents make. It is true that in their eyes, children are a rare find and not just anyone is given the permission to help mold a child’s’ being. However over the course of time, our society has learned to accept the idea that a home is the place that sustains their needs while the school is where a child will fully develop and mature. Since the family and the school meet between the life of a child, the presence of mutual trust and respect is very important in this kind of relationship. I believe this is one of the facts that all good parents – and – teachers have in common. The bottom line is both parties want to ensure the future of the child by helping him/her reach the milestones of success; at least that is how things are done in Al – Andalus International School, Al – Khobar, KSA.

Normally from the parents’ point of view, three types are concerned with the academic progress of their child. First, the parent – focused type wherein the parents are the ones primarily responsible for their children’s educational outcome. Second, the school – focused construct which indicates that the educators are the ones responsible for the student’s response to what he/she is learning in school. And lastly, the partnership – focused construct where both the parents and the teachers work together to make sure that the child is in good hands. This is the same principle that AAIS have been holding onto since 1985.

For years, the school has hosted Parents’ & Teachers’ Meetings or Acquaintance Parties to give both sides the time to communicate about the students’ development and after eighteen years, AAIS is still doing it. On July 20, 2013, the 19th Parents & Teachers Acquaintance Party was held within the vicinity of the school campus. With the assistance of the newly – elected Student Body Org. officers, the parents were able to meet up and listen to an almost two hour briefing of the advisers about the new grading system for the students under the K-12 program and other concerns like the Student Handbook, the Disciplinary System, School Events & Special Programs, etc. The election of officers followed shortly after the discussion with the class advisers. The parents of the Preparatory Department, Lower Elementary Department, and Upper Elementary Department stayed in their designated classroom with their respective newly-elected Presidents.

Finally, all parents from the High School Department were asked to stay inside the AVR or the former classroom of this school year’s Seniors. Then after voting in the classrooms, each department had chosen three people to represent them in the election of the PATHS Officers SY 2014 – 2015 in the Grade 5 – Section A room. Beforehand the parents were notified to bring their share of the potluck meal so after the meeting, everybody made sure that none of those went to waste.

As of now, The PATHS ( Parents & Teachers Helping Students), formerly known as the PTC (Parents & Teachers Council), headed by Mr. Tito Guevarra and Mrs. Egile Bagacay, is acknowledging the students involvement in some of their projects like the PATHS Logo Contest and the ‘Popeye’s Day’. This is their way to show their support for the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika that will be held on August 29, 2013. In line with their projects, this organization is part in supporting the school and the SBO in the launching of the Nutrition Program.

Even as AAIS is only in its third month of the school year, so much progress and development has happened, and is happening already because the school, specifically the teachers and the parents, are working together to reach their goal; and that is for the future of the AAISians.

As Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Indian Nation, once said,

“There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.”

Still, AAIS guarantees that here, your child will not only grow to become a well – developed individual with skills and talent but also, he/she will be equipped with the wisdom given by the school for the rest of his/her life because you chose to become a part of a synergy that always begins with a Parents & Teachers Meeting.

By Ayla Malagapo, Events Editor

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