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SBO Campaign & Miting De Avance: A Turning Point

Welcome to School Year ’13-‘14, a time for Al-Andalus International School, to once again, continue its mission of student achievement, responsible action and leading accountability. As we look forward to another outstanding year, so do we welcome the much anticipated election of the school’s new SBO (Student Body Organization) Officers.

 Student councils have become an important component in the engagement of students in learning about democracy and leadership. It has nurtured our student’s behavior and enhanced their developmental activities by taking charge of organizing events in the school and by working on several projects throughout the year. This year, our student leader aspirants present their views on various subjects in this year’s Miting De Avance: A turning point for these blooming visionaries.

 The SBO aims to serve for the advantage of the students and the school. This creates the favorable break to include cases of interest to students and also in conducting activities that augments student learning and make learning an enjoyable experience for all. The students who are drawn to the SBO develop several authority, leadership and communication skills in the path of handling responsibilities shouldered for being a student representative; Thus only why it is one of the most anticipated events of the school year.

Beforehand this year’s election, the OSA (Office of Student Affairs) took upon a great deal of a stringent screening process for the potential candidates in order to assure the adeptness of the running line up of both parties. After the screening process, The Liberal Party and The Politeia Party were amended in order to sustain the consistency of the party names that begun last year, which shall now be implemented as a standard for the years to come.

The Liberal Party constitutes of values similar to that of the United States’ Democratic Party, of laissez-faire and liberalism. The party’s official color is blue and its main philosophy in this year’s campaign is to raise the issue of the value of voicing out one’s opinions and views, in lieu with their slogan, “Your Voice, Our Priority”. To keep pace with the younger generation, the party used the social media contemporary trend, Twitter, as their campaign strategy; Including Facebook where they changed their respective profile pictures and cover photos with self-promotion and party-promotion posters.

The Liberal Party's Official Group Poster

The Liberal Party’s Official Group Poster
(c) Ayla Malagapo


The Liberal Party is comprised of the following aspiring student leaders:

President: Ayla Rhey Malagapo (Grade 10)
Vice President: Zeah Angela Montera (Grade 9)
Secretary: Cericca Jacla (Grade 9)
Auditor: Nina Angelica Panlican (Grade 10)
Treasurer: Jeri Berlyn Linganay (Grade 10)
PRO 1: Paul Adriane Torneros (Grade 9)
PRO 2: Sharmaine Jo Regina Badong (Grade 10)
Sgt. At Arms 1: John Sonny Duque (Grade 9)
Sgt. At Arms 2: Ian Cuasay (Grade 8)

Grade 4 Representatives:  Paul Seballos
                                                              Nicole Duazon
Grade 5 Representatives: Chad Abu Jalban 
                                                             Rose Ann Ancheta
Grade 6 Representatives: Faith Garcia
                                                             Jennier Canapi
Grade 7 Representatives: Christianne Ysobel Badong
                                                             Nino Patrick Batac
Grade 8 Representatives: Bouchaie Pagtalunan
                                                             Timothy Dar
Grade 9 Representatives: Janine Grace Abad
                                                             Jan Philip Marique
Grade 10 Representative: Kenneth Salvador


The Politeia Party, on the other hand, resembles the principles of the United States’ Republican Party, with their main ethics on conservativeness and school nationalism. Whilst the opposing team’s color is blue, the party’s meanwhile is red. The party revolved their campaign not only on Candy Crush, but more largely on the subject of unity not only between a year level but of the school in its entirety, a recurring predicament in the school; Hence, justifying their slogan, “Be wise, and make a change.” The party exemplified their skills in art and made arty flyers, much to the delight of students.

(Clockwise from Top Right) Inlet Cover, Inside, and Cover of Politeia Party's Official Flyer (c) Camille Bernardez

(Clockwise from Top Right) Inlet Cover, Inside, and Cover of Politeia Party’s Official Flyer
(c) Camille Bernardez

The party’s line up consists of the following student leader aspirants:

President: Joshua Paul Z. Plando (Grade 10)
Vice President: Camille Jesca A. Bernardez (Grade 9)
Secretary: Gabrielle Angeli C. Badong (Grade 9)
Auditor: Bonifacio E. Ramirez Jr. (Grade 9)
Treasurer: Ma. Cassandra Y. de los Santos (Grade 9)
PRO 1: Andrian P. Villanueva (Grade 9)
PRO 2: Alyssa B. Jadloc (Grade 8)
Sgt. At Arms 1: Ephraim Leianne E. Torres (Grade 9)
Sgt. At Arms 2: Psalm David O. Lanoy (Grade 8)

Grade 4 Representatives:  Jeiel Salvador
                                                              Janine Camagay
Grade 5 Representatives: Janbert Linganay 
                                                            Krystel Gale Tan
Grade 6 Representatives: Mikko Deraco
                                                             Jenssie Canapi
Grade 7 Representatives: Patrick Sadiz
                                                             Maha Angas
Grade 8 Representatives: Christian Daamo
                                                             Angelica de los Santos
Grade 9 Representatives: Ashley Ortega
                                                             Thea Leuterio
Grade 10 Representative: Elsus Canta


Filled with fun and excitement, the Miting De Avance for the election of the Executive Officers & Class Representatives of the SBO for SY 2013-2014 was held last June 30, 2013 at the AAIS Auditorium. Candidates from each party showed enthusiasm as they expressed their platforms, mission, and vision to the students, recited their campaign speeches and showed their wits during the debate portion that transpired during the High School level’s segment of the event. A lot of anxious students attended to see and hear for themselves the platforms of their colleagues aspiring to be student leaders in the upcoming election. Even the faculty and administrative officers were present during the activity. To break the anxious air in the surface, both parties made a dance performance, each and together, which was followed by a special number by Joshua Plando and Ayla Malagapo, Politeia and Liberal Party’s running presidents, respectively. They serenaded the students with the song, “Please Be Careful With My Heart”.

During the 3-day campaign period that commenced after the Miting De Avance, each party did their own gigs such as jingles, their own catchy phrase and hand sign, t-shirts, flyers, etc. On this campaign, they made rounds around the Upper Elementary and High School classes to get more in touch with the students. Now that these turning point of events are over, everyone is anxious for Election Day.

AAIS believes that this event does not only cogitate an academic apex, it too is the constructive behavior that provides a great deal in the formation of the nature of students. Social interaction, creativity and responsibility awareness are great factors in the development of student behavior as well, this is the main principle of student elections. Whoever may win, rest assured, the SBO will promise to be of good service not only to the students, but also to the entirety of the school itself. The decision, will then lie in the students’ hands.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change (the) world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
— Margaret Mead 

By Sharmaine Jo Regina Badong, Editor-In-Chief

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