SBO Election Results

After they had been given one week for campaign, our two rival parties, the Politeia Party and the Liberal Party had finally reached the moment of truth, the election proper and results. July 4, 2013 is a date to remember. It serves as the foundation of the School Year 2013-2014 since it was the day the students from Grades 4-10 voted for their officials and representatives.

We have nine executive positions for the SBO and each class voted for their representative. The following were the newly elected SBO Officials and Representatives:

President: Ayla Rhey Malagapo (Grade 10-Liberal)
Vice President: Zeah Angela Montera (Grade 9-Liberal)
Secretary: Cericca Jacla (Grade 9-Liberal)
Auditor: Nina Angelica Panlican (Grade 10-Liberal)
Treasurer: Jeri Berlyn Linganay (Grade 10-Liberal)
PRO 1: Andrian Villanueva (Grade 9-Politeia)
PRO 2: Sharmaine Jo Regina Badong (Grade 10-Liberal)
Sgt. At Arms 1: John Sonny Duque (Grade 9-Liberal)
Sgt. At Arms 2: Ian Cuasay (Grade 8-Liberal)

 Grade 4 Representatives:  Paul Seballos (Liberal)
                                                Nicole Duazon (Liberal)
Grade 5 Representatives: Chad Abu Jalban (Liberal)
                                                             Rose Ann Ancheta (Liberal)
Grade 6 Representatives: Jenssie Canapi (Politeia)
                                                            Jennier Canapi (Liberal)
Grade 7 Representatives: Mahaleah Angas (Politeia)
                                                             Nino Patrick Batac (Liberal)
Grade 8 Representatives: Bouchaie Pagtalunan (Liberal)
                                                             Timothy Dar (Liberal)
Grade 9 Representatives: Janine Grace Abad (Liberal)
                                                             Jan Philip Marique (Liberal)
Grade 10 Representative: Kenneth Salvador (Liberal)

Other candidates for the executive positions are Joshua Paul Plando (President-Grade 10-Politeia), Camille Jesca Bernardez (Vice President-Grade 9-Politeia), Gabrielle Angeli Badong (Secretary– Grade 9-Politeia), Bonifacio Ramirez, Jr. (Auditor– Grade 9-Politeia), Maria Cassandra delos Santos (Treasurer– Grade 9-Politeia), Paul Adriane Torneros (PRO 1– Grade 9 -Liberal), Alyssa Jadloc (PRO 2– Grade 9-Politeia), Ephraim Leianne Torres (Sgt. At Arms 1– Grade 9-Politeia) and Psalm David Lanoy (Sgt. At Arms 2– Grade 8 -Politeia).

According to a saying, just because you weren’t elected or selected doesn’t change the significance of your heart, your desires, your passions, your abilities, your skills, your intentions, or your dreams. It merely changed your plans. This school year might not be their time. Win or lose, each and every candidate did their best and this will serve as a lesson and be an additional experience to them.

By Camille Jesca Bernardez, Associate Editor

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