School History


The school was founded on December 1994 by Dr. Eduardo P. Malagapo, Engr. Bert Javellana and Mr. Felix Frias and was named Philippine Community School in Al-Khobar (PhilCoSa). Its inception happened when the first Philippine school in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia was in deep crisis. Hence, the 1994 Philippine Ambassador, Romulo Espaldon, decided to give other groups of Filipinos an opportunity to put up another school.

Toward the middle of April 1995, PhiCoSa was organized. The school was established to fulfill its mission – Total Commitment for Total Quality Education. It started its academic year on June 1995 with an initial enrollment of 104 students.


In 1999, the school received its temporary license no. 40/s from the Ministry of Education under the name “Asia International School (AIS)”. This license, however, was not applicable to the curriculum being taught in the school. The school suffered a lot of negative impact due to this.

Despite all these unfortunate circumstances and the negative publicity it has gotten, enrollment gradually increased and the school hit 200 in year 2000.


The school faced several challenging years with different sponsors. There came a time when the school did not have a sponsor. Due to this, the Ministry of Education tried to close down the school for three times. Fortunately, the school principal’s wife stood her ground and prevented the MOE official to close the school and told the latter to discuss the issue with the new sponsor.

At that very moment, a blessing from the Almighty came. A sponsor was sent from heaven in the person of his highness Prince Bandar Al-Saud Al-Kabeer and his wife, her highness Princess Meshael. It was with their wholehearted support and kindness that the school was granted license number 133/s in June 2002 by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To abide by the permit granted by the MOE, the school was again renamed to Al-Andalus International School, also known as AAIS.


In the year 2003 – 2004, the school carried the name “Al-Khobar Asian International School instead of Al-Andalus International School” as directed by the sponsor. The main reason was that the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom will not grant a commercial registration for the school if it uses the name Al-Andalus International School since a school with the same name already existed in Riyadh.

The MOE did not approve of this and did not issue the renewal of the school’s license. In order to conform to the MOE’s directive, the school went back to using the name Al-Andalus International School.


In 2004, the MOE issued the permanent license from 1424 – 1425 to 1425 – 1426 or a two year period after which a ten-year period will be issued to AAIS.

Furthermore, the Philippine Department of Education issued government permit no. 002, s. 2007 to AAIS on the 15th of March 2007, granting the school the authority to operate Pre-elementary, Elementary and Secondary courses.

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