Enrollment Info For New Students

For the enrollment and registration procedures of new students, please be guided by the steps below:

STEP ONE: The parent/guardian of the student must accomplish the registration packet and sign all the necessary documents and forms. All the necessary forms for enrollment and registration can be requested at the Administration Office or can be downloaded on the school’s website. All the necessary requirements and forms for registration and enrollment are listed below:

Registration Requirements:

  • Completed MOE Arabic Registration Form
  • Completed Enrollment Form for New Students
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Form 138 (Report Card) of previous school
  • Student Pick-Up Registration Form (if applicable)
  • Bus Service Form (if applicable)
  • Two pieces 2” x 2” or passport size ID pictures (with white background)
  • Student’s Passport Photocopy
  • Student’s Birth Certificate Photocopy (show original for authentication)
  • Student’s Iqama Photocopy
  • Parents’ Passport Photocopy
  • Father’s Iqama Photocopy
  • Photocopy of Father’s Certification from Company
  • Photocopy of Child’s Health/Medical Certificate

STEP TWO: Parents/guardians must submit the requirements written above to the Registrar’s Office and request the schedule for their child’s student proficiency exam. When the results have been released, the School Registrar will send the child’s parent/s a letter containing the results of the child’s proficiency exam.

STEP THREE: The enrollee must immediately meet with the Guidance Counselor for a short interview and the parents/guardians of the enrollee must accompany their child.

STEP FOUR: When all the requirements for registration have been completed and the child has been accepted by the school, parent(s)/guardian(s) must pay the following:

  • Reservation and Registration Fee
  • Tuition fee for the First Quarter/Term
  • Miscellaneous Fees for the school year
  • Proficiency Exam Fee
  • Bus application fee (if applicable)
  • Books, uniforms, student ID that they are going to order and reserved for the child

After payment, the child will be given an Admission Slip, which will be presented to their class adviser on the first day of class and an Order Slip, which will be presented to the Supply Officer and Librarian for the releasing of their purchased books, uniforms and school ID.


Transferees should follow the steps on how to register and enroll as indicated above. Transferees from other schools in the Kingdom must submit a Certificate of No Accountability.

NOTE: Students with applications for enrollment that have not been paid for will not be considered enrolled by the school and will not be given an Admission Slip. Students without an Admission Slip will not be allowed to attend their respective class when classes begin.

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