The school’s population is comprised of a mixed student body. Although the school is an International school with most of its population composed of Filipino faculty, staff, and students, AAIS believes that diversifying its student body helps enrich its community. One-third of the school’s population is comprised of students from different nationalities and this may increase in the years to come.

Our students are trained in a fun, peace-loving, and caring family environment. Each of our students are given the appropriate attention they need. Our student-teacher ratio is averaged at 1 teacher for every 18 to 25 students. We have a maximum of twenty-five (25) students per classroom. This student-teacher ratio enables our faculty to give individual attention and care to each of our students. The effectiveness of this setup can be seen by the performance of our students and alumni. With the help of our students, the school has achieved several awards and accolades in the past 18 years. Furthermore, 95% of our alumni have earned a College degree and many of them have excelled in their academics. Some of our alumni have graduated from College with honors.

We believe that education does not end in the four corners of the classroom. We also believe that everyone has different kinds of intelligence and talents. We try our best to help improve our students talents and different intelligences through offering extracurricular activities through student clubs, organizations, varsities and school events. Despite this, we also make sure that these activities do not interfere with our students’ academics.

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