Student Clubs, Orgs, and Varsities

The school gives importance to Extra-Curricular Activities. It has twenty (20) active student clubs and organizations and ten (10) varsities. These clubs and varsities are offered to 4th to 12th grade students.

As a fundamental part of the school’s Extra-curricular Program, these clubs and organizations are expected to operate according to the school’s mission and vision.

A. Clubs and Organizations

1. Student Body Organization
2. AAIS Genre
3. AAIS Musicians’ Collective or AMC
4. Art Circle (Arts Club)
5. Jr. Art Circle
6. Baile (Dance Club)
7. The Bluewrens (Glee Club)
8. Little Bluewrens (Junior Glee Club)
9. Sr. Chess Club
10. Jr. Chess Club
11. The Creative Crew (Props Club)
12. Fitness Intensity Training or F.I.T. Club
13. Gavel Club
14. League of Technology Enthusiasts or L.T.E. (I.T. Club)
15. Literati (Book Club)
16. Ludio (Theater Club)
17. Roarers (AAIS Booster Squad)
18. Shutterbugs Crew (Photography Club)
19. Young Entrepreneur’s Club or YEC
20. Jr. YEC

B. Varsities

1. Sr. Badminton Varsity
2. Jr. Badminton Varsity
3. Lions Basketball Varsity (for Males)
4. Cubs Basketball Varsity (for Males)
5. Lions Cheerdance Varsity
6. Lions Table Tennis Varsity
7. Cubs Table Tennis Varsity
8. Lionettes Volleyball Varsity (for Females)
9. Lions Volleyball Varsity (for Males)
10. AAIS Taekwondo Lions

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